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Second-by-second combat

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2008, 15:05
by ghyle
Have you ever tried any of the various different versions of second-by-second combat, and, if so, how were they for you? Back when I was playing 3nd ed, I eventually started to work on an integrated system, with bits and pieces from all of the 7 companions. I had limited the skills to 50 -- for example -- and I was planning on a second-by-second combat, but I had to move, and had to give up roleplaying entirely, for a number of years. It's only recently that I've restarted playing, and am working on getting a new group together, but that's another story.

Anyway, I was hoping then to use a second-by-second combat, and I never got the chance to test it out. A pity, really. I'd love to hear how successful it could be before trying it again for RMFRP.

Re: Second-by-second combat

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2008, 16:45
by The Keeper
I haven't. But then that was just simply because for myself I've got my hands full just trying to remember whose turn it is.

I had myself begun to integrate all of the companions into one streamlined (for me) set of rules. I've got most of it worked out, but I need to actually sit down and scribble out what I'm keeping and throwing away, then make copies of all the charts/tables, etc. One of my big things though (to me) was that at one point I scoured all of the books for all of the skills and I actually laid them all down. I have an 8-10 page character sheet I did in QuarkXPress 4 that has all of it. I use that sheet when I game with people that have gotten familiar with the game.

Re: Second-by-second combat

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2008, 01:54
by ghyle
that game sheet sounds cool

I plan on getting as many of the RMSS and RMFRP books as I can, most as PDFs.