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Combat Summary

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Combat Summary

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 20 Nov 2010, 11:22

I forget where I got this, but it is a summary of the combat process for RM. I believe it is actually for the RMSS, but it does apply to RM2E. I am going to paste it into this post, but I will also add the Microsoft Word doc as an attachment at the end so you can download it if you want to use this.


1.0 Battle Round Sequence

1-Initiative Phase
2-Spell Action Phase
3-Spell Results Phase
4-Spell Orientation Phase*
5-Fire Phase (A)
6-Fire Result Phase (A)
7-Movement Manuever Phase
8-Fire Phase (B)
9-Fire Result Phase (B)
10-Melee Phase
11-Melee Result Phase
12-Final Orientation Phase


Combatants that are completely surprised are not allowed to attack in the round that they are surprised in. Combatants that are partially surprised may act in the same round but lose the initiative and have a -20 modifier to all actions. Combatants that are only marginally surprised may roll for initiative and act in the same round, but with a -4 to the initiative roll and a -20 modifier to all actions.
Completely and partially surprised characters must make on orientation roll at the end of the round they are surprised on. A successful roll negates surprise effects. Combatants must continue to make this orientation roll. to avoid the effects of surprise, at the end of the round, until they have succeeded, or events have ocurred that would logically remove the effects of surprise.
Marginally surprised characters will only suffer surprise effects until they have won an initiative roll. There is no need to make an orientation roll.

Initiative Phase

Roll for initiative in the following manner to determine which combatant gets first action. Divide the OB that the combatant will be using for his weapon of choice by five, rounding down (no less than one). Add the Quickness bonus and roll 1d10 for a total result. Combatants with the same initative roll are considered to act simultaneously. In this case, both combatants will not recieve their DB to defend.
If initiative winner is using two weapons he must wait for his target's actions to be resolved first before he may attack with his second weapon (if possible).
Only some options in table 8.2.8 (page 17 of ArmsLaw are to be used).

Spell Action Phase

Spell casting or preparation. Casting is 75% activity. Spell preparation is 90% activity.

Spell Results Phase

Apply cast spell effects, except those held for opportunity.

Spell Orientation Phase*

This phase only used when unusual spell activities have occured in the previous round that might effect the combatants orientation (Teleportation, blinding spell blasts, etc...).

Fire Phase (A)

Missle weapon fire phase. Target must be specified as well as type of missle (bow, thrown dagger, etc...). Combatants with self-reloading weapons may fire in both this phase and Fire Phase (B). Combatants with bows or thrown weapons may either fire in this phase or Fire Phase (B), but not both. Combatants may elect to fire/throw one weapon in both phases when using weapons of this type in both hands, but this is the only exception.

Fire Result Phase (A)

Apply damage from previous phase. Combatants may engage in the next phases, but with only 50% of their activity left for this round. They may:
- Melee with a -50 modifier
- Move/manuever at 50% of normal; or
- Fire normally in Fire Phase (B) (self-reloading weapons only)

Movement Manuever Phase

Combatants may move to their maximum capability, depending on their activity (if any) in previous phases. Drawing weapons takes 20% activity, while changing weapons is 50% activity.

Fire Phase (B)

Same as Fire Phase(A), except that a combatant may not fire if the following has occured:
- Cast/Prepared a spell
- Fired in previous phase and moved/manuevered
- Moved/manuevered more than 50% of allowance
- Incapacitation and/or failure on orientation/manuever roll

Fire Result Phase (B)

Same as Fire Phase (A).

Melee Phase

Combatants may engage in melee combat this round if they have not done the following:
- Cast or prepared a spell
- Fired in Fire Phase (A) and moved/manuevered
- Moved/manuevered and fired in Fire Phase (B)
- Fired in Fire Phase (A)and fired in Fire Phase (B)
- Moved/manuevered or otherwise used more than 50% of normal activity allowance
- Incapacitation and/or failure on orientation/manuever roll

Melee Result Phase

Apply damage from previous phase.

Final Orientation Phase

This phase only used when unusual activities have occured in the previous round that might effect the combatants orientation (surprise, stunned, blinded, etc...).

2.0 Creature Combat

Attacks:First slot is OB. Second slot is the maximum result allowed, ie. S for small, L for Large, etc..., and attack type; Bi for Bite, etcetera. Third slot is the number rolled to determine the attack type. If this number or less is rolled this attack type in the Primary attack column occurs.
In the secondary and tertiary attack columns, the same slot determination is made, except that the third slot should be added to that of the primary attack third slot. If the roll equals a number that is between the range of the primary attack and the secondary attack, the secondary (or tertiary) attack will be the attack that is rolled.
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