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1.1 Explanatory Notes/Recap
Issue with Rauthon and Lia was resolved. Lia was a late addition not covered in last week’s notes. She is the anithesis to Dhanna. She is “chained” to Rauthon, versus Nigel’s voluntary bonds.
I’d like to explore this “chaining.” However, to do that it means Rauthon get’s involved in the scenario. Rauthon is technically “evil,” so he won’t be helping Nigel. However, he’s been beaten. I cannot have him continue to harass Nigel and have it be realistic. And I also do not want to create sympathy for him. I also don’t need Nigel trying to “undo” the chaining. It’s not something Lia wants.
2.0 Overview
Nigel and the rest are now only two days away from the base of Mt Cyr. Previous notes indicate that there is no sizeable occupation force within this square. That fact has a lot to do with Count Bannock’s attitude towards unification. But this also helps Nigel.
Now Kröthar is still following Nigel. Still waiting for Rauthon’s signal. Rauthon will not report however at the designated time so Kröthar will have a decision to make. Does he attempt to take Nigel or does he wait?
Here are Kröthar (my) issues.
1. Nigel tends to dodge combat that is more than one-on-one. He is effective at doing that and has slipped away many times.
2. Dhanna and Steuben have proven themselves dangerous (or at least Dhanna has).
3. No one Kröthar that is good enough singlehandedly to take Nigel down.
This leaves only one possibility. Ambushing Nigel. Kröthar is going to do this in the best way he can.
3.0 Scenario
Here is Kröthar’s plan. Incedentally, I might not have written it in the notes, but Kröthar has obtained the services of the cleric that healed Dhanna. Kröthar will be employing him here.
It is Kröthar’s intention to ambush the camp while Nigel is out. This is going to be a big issue for Kröthar because Steuben is an unknown and Dhanna is a magic user (and not taken easily unawares).
Here’s the trick. Kröthar has been trailing the party and is aware of the pattern that they have set. He will wait until Nigel has departed and then he will descend upon Steuben using arrows and arms. The thought here is to overwhelm Steuben and thereby prevent him from defending Dhanna. Dhanna will be opposed by the cleric.
Because I am the GM, Kröthar will be able to do this, but will lose about 4 men from his party of 20. Steuben will be beaten sensless (the only way to stop him) but all 4 kills are his. Dhanna will be captured (arrows and magic). Here is the second trick. The last bit wil occur with Nigel returning to the camp. Nigel will of course have received the alarm through Dhanna. Dhanna will also break bonds at the time he returns and the fight will then be on.
Kröthar, even though he is low level has his tactics ability. This will oppose Nigel. Even so, I expect Kröthar to lose quite a few men. However, should he lose more than 3 more he will retire from the fight. To do this he will chuck in smoke bombs and sundry objects to occupy the party while the rest escape.
It’s of course quite possible that Nigel will capture the lot of them. If so, Kröthar will neither expect (nor probably receive) any mercy. Oh well.
Should Kröthar manage to gain the upper hand the bargain will be Steuben and Dhanna fr Nigel. Nigel will be bound and the journey to see Ephraim will begin.
Lastly, if Kröthar simply manages to escape without obtaining anyone, but losing men he will retire from the field and Nigel will not be harassed further by him (at this time).
Should the tables be turned and it is the PARTY trying to run from Kröthar they will be pursued and depending on Kröthar’s losses continued to be harassed.
Now, there are no towns or villages at the base of Mt. Cyr. However, there is a road that crosses from the east to the west. This road although not well traveled continues along the base of the mountain, but also starts at an easy grade up the mountain, following the countours of the mountain. Assuming the party takes that road they will then find themselves on a well traveled road upon which they are likely to meet the residents of the mountain.
There will be numerous small cottages along this path and any number of small villages collected together along the main road. Once the party begins up the road, Kröthar will stop active pursuit (if pursuing). Too many unknowns in this area. He will of course follow if he is capable of doing so.
The majority of those living on Mt. Cyr are either hunters or trappers. There are few if any “merchants” and these are mainly retired hunters or trappers that are selling necessary things to the active hunters and trappers. There is enough wildlife on the mountain to support an active trade here and most of these people live only so far up as to be within a six day (one-way) journey back to Steegan (with whom they trade). This puts the farthest up resident at bout 3000 feet. Note that the river that comes right to the mountain on the map is at this point a minor river (although wide) which is easily crossed at most points. It’s been to the right of the party on their journey and has been something to be followed. It is NOT navigable by boat as it is too shallow.
So, past 3000 feet the party will be on their own. Creature encounters can be good here with any treasure being attributed as having been taken from some adventurous explorer who went farther up then they should have.
Past 10,000 feet Nigel and party will need spells to breathe and keep warm as the mountain will be tundra here. I also have to assume Nigel will know this and will probably have made some attemtps to bargain with trappers/hunters for goods. Survivability of the horses will probably also become a concern.
Between 10 and 16,000 feet Nigel and the party enter the domains of the Ice Trolls. These trolls (as many as needs to be) have ruled this mountain top for a very long time. They will not like their space invaded. They have their own system of caves and ice tunnels, etc which the party will be moving through. At the summit of course will be the fire tower.
This structure is intact, the cold having preserved the iron. The wind here is wicked however. The fire tower is actually a large tube that is eight feet across and 15 feet high. It tapers towards the top. The vents/access ports to haul in the wood are large enough for a man to stand under. You gather the wood, pile it all inside and then light it.
The entire area is magically charged. Develop this for next week.

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