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Brief Overview of Peztel Island

Wizards Island off the coast of Silesia. Ruled by Na-Toth.

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Brief Overview of Peztel Island

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 25 Apr 2010, 10:17

From my G1A notes:

Petzel Island is a small island about 75 percent the size of our Catalina. It can be found in the Cerazon Sea, south of the Empire of Minorca. The island is controlled by a governor from the Empire and his Imperial troops (a company of 100). This small tropical posting is one of the more prestigious postings in the Empire since the island is home to Natoth, the Imperial Wizard, hence it's nickname, "Wizard's Isle."
Natoth has resided on the island for a considerable length of time. His duties are to seek out the best of the magically gifted from all the countrys on the continent of Fyn. Traditionally, only three of these gifted are brought to the island. Here they must face a test to prove their worthiness to be taught by Natoth. This is a great honor and even those that are turned away may hold their heads in pride to even have been considered.
Natoth trains his charges over the course of several decades, releasing them finally, when they are ready, back to their homelands. Here they traditionally take up the job of Grand Wizard of their seperate realms. It is this job, indeed that Natoth is training them for.

The main countries listed on the map I have for this setting are: Gunzair, Minorca, Silesia, Althea and Erewhon.

Some of the names were influenced from TES: Daggerfall which is a video game I was playing at the time. In fact, most of the testing the characters went through was taken from this game via the questions it asked during character creation.

The world itself I don't believe I ever named, but my plot line was certainly devised. I was attempting to follow the Babylon 5 story line as closely as possible in a tropical fantasy setting. The first adventure was taken straight from the very first maze in the Daggerfall game however.

As to the name of the setting, this was the last name of one of my sister's old boyfriends. It was close to the word pretzel which was an apt description of the complexity of my plot for this scenario.

There was no history as to why the island bore this name, but I intended the island to be the representation of the B5 station. Consequently, although Na-Toth ruled there was a multinational council that resided on the island, much like the B5 station.

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