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Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 31 Oct 2010, 11:06

A while back I installed a Static Pages mod on this forum which allows me to easily create additional pages to the forum. These are static pages, mainly for information. I intend to use them to post any additional links I may wish in the navigation bar.

However, I have another use for them which I would like to offer the users. And that is as a static page for your world. I'm offering one page. You may include offsite links on that page to any of your own content should you wish. These pages will not appear in the navigation bar but I will CREATE A SUBFORUM off of this forum with the name of your world and a sticky post linking to the page. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that although I am offering this, unless you are actually a moderator you will not be moderating this subforum/page. Further any pages/subforum that I create for you per your request on this will require that all posts on your world then be posted in that subforum. Any current posts on your world in this forum will be moved in to that subforum upon it's creation.

Some rules:
1. Creation of a page/subforum is still subject to current forum rules, found here.
2. As mentioned above, unless you are currently a mod you will not be made a mod of this subforum/page.
2a. If you are a mod already, you will be responsible for moderating your subforum/page in addition to your other moderator duties.
3. All of your content on the page/subforum will be publicly accessible to all members/guests of the forum. You may NOT make, or request to be made private, any information you want to include, but do not wish certain people or groups to see. No member/group may be excluded from accessing your information. Therefore any information that you wish to be kept private should NOT be posted on your page. The management will not be held responsible for any private or sensitive content made public under any circumstance.
4. I (The Keeper) and staff reserve the right to modify, exclude, or remove any information on your page/subforum that either violates the rules or is objectionable. If an abuse report is filed you will be PMed/contacted and given the opportunity to make adjustments.
5. While the content within the page/subforum is yours, the page and the subforum are not. Both your world page and subforum are revocable at any time.

If you want a page/subforum, please contact me via PM or email. Requests will be filled as they are received and as time permits. Please note that asking for a world page/subforum constitutes an acknowledgement that you have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules above in their entirety.

EDIT 06/11/2016: To clarify, sub-forums requested for your world will be subforums of THIS forum, not subforums that will exist off the main board index.

*All rules are severable and any part not found legal, if challenged, shall not invalidate the entire agreement.
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