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GM House Rules

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GM House Rules

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 22 Nov 2011, 13:22

In the middle of reading an interesting thread right now. Got me thinking about some house rules I will probably set when I can get back to gaming. Thankfully they have never been an issue so far, but I think it should at least be thought about in case things do happen. Most of them are simply a matter of courtesy and respect.

It goes without saying (or it should anyway)…

1. Show up! Call, text, email, or otherwise communicate in a fashion you know will be quickly received if you aren't. Sending a Facebook message when you know the GM is offline preparing for the gaming session won't cut it. Nothing bugs GMs more than to have worked on stuff only to find out their players aren't going to be there. This is magnified if you only have a few or even one player. When not showing up is a habit then what is the point altogether?

2. Late notification is better than none. Life happens. Communicate with your GM when it does.

3. Cell phones and laptops. I won't go so far as to say your phone should be turned off. Emergencies happen. But at least put it on vibrate or lower the volume. If you need to have an extended conversation, leave the room. If it's going to take longer than that or your phone keeps constantly ringing, bow out for the session. Keep the conversation short if you stay in the room and be respectful. Telling the person who called you that you are just screwing around or wasting time implies to the GM that you don't care to be there. So why are you then?

Laptops are cool, I use them and they are great as a gaming aid. But your focus should be on the game. I stand guilty of this one myself.

4. Pay attention! Speak when you should, listen when you should. Or pay the consequences of not knowing what the hell is going on when you are asked what it is your character's action(s) will be.

5. Don't lie or cheat. It's a game, nothing more. Doing that cheapens the experience. The GM will have ways to prevent automatic character death (unless he/she is a brute) in important situations. You might even have that control if your GM uses Fate Points or some other system. But to lie or cheat just ruins things. And sometimes in a game, you lose. Besides, it's not the GMs fault if things happen to you because of the choices you make.

There are always more but I will stop here for now. Just remember why you are there. Respect the GM. Good, bad or indifferent he/she is making the game happen for the players.

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