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Now adding a short campaign that started last year with a Skype player I met.

Bit of a retake on some past events mentioned many places here. However, in the revisiting of some content certain things have been fleshed out a bit more while others were modified. I think it works better.

Here are the first campaign notes.

1.0 Brief Notes/Recap
Initial session, Tom G., high-man range, name not available at this time.
2.0 Overview
Will be starting Fraen 2, 3325 which is later than first the first two times around. This is for the following reasons: 1. The chosen character type would not fit so well with the preceeding events. 2. I feel like moving the story along as well as in a slightly different direction. Therefore, 3. old characters such as those run by previous players are either not necessary any more or just don’t fit. And 4. those characters I do keep will be altered in significant ways while presenting new and old themes in different ways.
Tom is the son of two minor House Guarde captains in the service of Ilthuryn Damyar, a minor noble who rules the village of Narfolk. Narfolk is in 62-S and is a small village among the hills.
Ilthuryn is of the House of Kindroth, a small clan but one with high prestige. He is ruler of Narfolk Vale (the area immediately to the southwest of Vyroth) as well as the entire 61 to 62-S squares.
His neighbors are: Elion Urigolor (to the north), Ivran Farric (to the south) and Ilimitar Umetumal who is ruler of Vyroth.
Ilthuryn’s guarde often works with his neighbors to protect the local forests and roads. Tom knows the area very well.
3.0 Scenario
Adventure starts in Fairinahr. Tom made his way to Fairinahr as almost everything in Ehlovar radiates from there. Fairinahr is where the Elven trade routes terminate from Koray (v6) and it’s at the end of a lazy river (the Serendêl).
Shortly after he arrived one thing led to another and Tom found employ Cyrill Argus and one of his many trade caravans. He signed on for a route that goes from Fairinahr to Koray, around the Imperium and through the unclaimed ands into Thanetia and on to Kell. Sort of a boring job, but the four squares of the unclaimed lands provide enough excitement to justify things.
At the start of play Tom will have made a several runs from Fairinahr to Kell and is quite confident of the route. He will be approached by Cyrill, whom he has met a few times for a new kind of job. Cyrill maintains a series of warehouses on the docks at Fairinahr and as his latest caravan comes in Cyrill will ask to see him.
Cyril receives him in a small office where an older high-elf with a white staff and a broadsword attached to his hip await. The high-elf is Father Felonius Reehut (age Felonius and all his appropriate stats and abilities by double) and he is dressed in the blue robes of a cleric of Kellina with a heavy ankh on a chain around his neck. He has a long white beard and a black Cappello romano hat.
This may surprise Tom (the beard too), but Reehut’s family has been in Kell since Thanetia was part of the Perth Theocracy. He has his own reasons for serving Kellina and not Corellon.
Cyrill will explain that they need a ranger to scout ahead for the party. The party is going north to Vasillisa. All Tom needs to know is that they need to get there. Going from Fairinahr to Kinvale and on from there would be the best route if Tom wonders. Cyrill will be generous with compensation above what he is getting now. Equipment, horse, provisions, etc, will all be provided for.
Another reason Cyrill needs Tom (and the most important one) is the fact that only citizens of Ehlovar are allowed free travel without escort. Tom will meet the official requirement of an escort.
If pressed Cyrill and Felonius might release some generic details, but it’s really unnecessary at this time for Tom to know everything.’
Other than the travel XP, there is really nothing that will happen between Fairinahr and Kinvale. The road is paved, sees routine traffic and goes through country long settled and civilized by the Elves. There are inns and taverns spaced equally apart unlong the road making for easy travel between on the way.
Kinvale: In campaigns past, Kinvale was the one city in Ehlovar where humans were allowed to live. This has changed with this setting. Kinvale is now just another city within Ehlovar, containing both Elves and humans (as well as some demihumans) but counts as the only human held fiefdom in Ehlovar. It is the home of the Draenlôch family (also their House), descended in unbroken succession from Alvar Draenlôch a Common Man who fight so well next to the Elves during the early part of the Second Age that they decided to appoint him as ruler of Kinvale (then a human settlement) as ruler. His descendents have been forever faithful, brave and ferocious fighters in the service of Ehlovar that the Elves long ago accorded the house of Draenlôch great honor and trust.
The people of Kinvale are steeped in the same and while there are always dissidents, Kinvale is by and large a royalist city - loyal to the Elven King.
That said, Kinvale is not large and most of the area surrounding it past a days ride is wilderness. That wilderness is controlled by House Draenlôch patrols as well as the patrols of nearby lords. Note that the border with Byzmir is considered the responsibility of House Draenlôch and special patrols are routinely dispatched to patrol and to make sure any border incursions are found and crushed. Thus the border with Byzmir is contested.
The map shows the contested areas of Ehlovar to the north and east. The citizens of Ehlvar, the nobility of Ehlovar and the clergy of Ehlovar consider anything north and east to be wastelands occupied by nothing more than barbarians, criminals, thieves and evil creatures of all sorts. Hence anything encountered from there is killed outright with no mercy if and when it crosses the border.
From Kinvale can be seen the Great Wall of Dayorr Korithson. Local tales put the building of the wall down as some time in the early part of the Second Age and it’s stood there for years. The wall is very high and reportedly very wide. No one remembers who built it and why, but quite a few people believe that it keeps the barbarians to the north out of Ehlovar. Sometimes those barbarians and their Worgs (they have been identified as such) can be seen on top of the wall. The local citizens of Ehlovar hate the Worgs but as no Worgs and no barbarians have ever come across the wall since it was built it’s something that is simply monitored.
To the northeast are the Black Mountains. Somewhere in there it is know to be a large watchtower that was built during the latter part of the first age. There is a pass through the Black Mountains to a gate (the Black Gate) that allows access to the barbarian lands behind the Wall The Wall itself does not simply stop short of the mountains (as the map would seem to indicate) but the mountains are sharp, steep and rugged and the wall merges with the mountain. Thus, the only way around the wall is to travel north through uncharted barbarian lands or to take the pass to the Black Gate to get behind the wall. But all of that and the Black Mountains are beyond the borders of Ehlovar and within the domains of the barbarians.
Unknown to anyone, and this being a changing of my plans, the watchtower remains, the Black Gate remains. The watchtower can be reached by taking a side path that diverges from the pass by many miles. Hence the watch tower could be an adventure (and probably will be at some point) but it is far enough off the main path to prevent investigation if the party is sticking to the main objective.
The tower has in recent centuries been renovated, built up and fortified by many of the barbarians.
Those barbarians are the Jotnar, their territory is the Jahrwahld and their current leader is Kalkor. Kalkor is in league with the Lorn church and representatives of Cammoria, including recently, drow.
All such have been allowed free passage (under cover of darkness) through the Jahrwald and the drow have been digging a tunnel from the Underdark to the watchtower. From there, will be launched the drow invasion of Ehlovar - with Kalkor helping.
Kalkor, is ambitious and has allied himself with these people out of greed and lust for power. He has completely abandoned his plan to invade Karthin. He is well aware of the Home Guarde’s incursions in the Jahrwahld, particularly their stealing of magicals from the tribes and he has allied with the other tribes to stop this. Kalkor is counting on the ravages and terror of the Shattered Lands to prevent an all out invasion of the Jahrwahld by Karthin. In a short time he has managed to get everyone under his banner and stop the stealing.
As most of the stealing is in fact done by the church, only the church is currently aware of any problems with the Jahrwald and they have yet to conclude an answer.
Further, Kalkor has taken all of his magicals and begun to relocated them (irrespective of tribe) within the Black Mountains. That has made things considerably difficult for Karthin to reach them.
As the Black Mountains are within the Jahrwahld they are patrolled by the Jotnar, their Worgs, their damanes and any other foul type creature you’d ordinarily find in the Jahrwahld.
So, it is this situation that Tom will find himself in.
3.1 Descriptions
3.1.1 See
3.1.2 Hear
3.1.3 Feel (Touch)
Feel (Touch)
3.1.4 Smell
3.1.5 Taste(If Applicable)
Taste (If Applicable)
3.2 Contingency Plans
Contingency Plans. Design scenarios with alternate paths to success, alternate outcomes. Do NOT predestine characters or make assumptions of success, where failure will result in the failure of the scenario. Do not base outcomes on the success or failure of any one character (see above sentence). Make escape/rescue plans that do not appear contrived. Give the characters a way OUT!
4.0 Conditionals
5.0 NPCs/Creatures & Treasures [Stats]
NPCs/Creatures & Treasures [Stats]
6.0 Characters and Interactions
Characters and Interactions
7.0 Notes & Record-keeping
Characters and Interactions

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