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Second session in this period…

1.0 Brief Notes/Recap
Created character, Tom introduced to Fenrid, Father Felonius, Cyrill Argus, Jenner Kralen, Tulla. I’m missing two people (I told Tom, there were five beyond Cyrill and Felonius) and I still do not know Tom’s character’s name. Departed to Kinvale.
So, the other two I did not mention are: Alshain, Jack’s character. Believe he was a mage. Make him level 6. Note that I believe Alshain was Jack’s character in Matt’s campaign (also as a mage), but at least I can use that. Don’t think Jack played anything other than a mage – although here he might have been a thief.
Chedrik is the second. This is a level 8 thief. Based on the character type of Shawn’s friend (whom I do not recall his first name) but more of Shawn’s personality type.
2.0 Overview
Journey to Kinvale takes three weeks by horse. Alaric Draenlôch, High Lord of Kinvale, Duke of Conarch, Thrall of Ehlovar Ré, Master of Ehlovar Mahntôr rules. In simple terms, Alaric is the ruler of Kinsvale, Duke of the surrounding area of Kinsvale (called Conarch), slave of the Elven King, Lord of All men in Ehlovar (ultimately he answers to the Elven King for the deeds of ALL men (high or common) in Ehlovar).
Unlike I mentioned earlier, you CANNOT see the Wall from Kinvale. It’s too far away. Note that the locals know it as the Black Wall and not by it’s proper name.
3.0 Scenario
The party will arrive in Kinvale at night at the end of their day. Kinvale is a very large city of approximately 1 million people. It’s very busy day or night. A lot of the durable goods that Ehlovar exports comes from the craftshops and maker shops of Kinvale. But like most Ehlovar cities there is little if any crime, the Watch is always on the job and the city is orderly, tidy and clean.
Cyrill only has interests and holdings as far north as Fairinahr and has never been to Kinvale. So, he is going to leave the securing of lodgings up to Tom and whomever may choose to go with him (roll if you want). Tulla will not however, as she has other duties.
Cyrill however, is a merchant. By morning he will have negotiated a deal to sell the cart and will secure the strongbox to his horse.
In an out of the way area of the common room of whatever lodgings the party secures both Felonius and Cyrill will explain to the party the next steps. The party is headed to the Black Mountains. Felonius explains what little he knows of the Black Wall, the Black Mountains, the Black Gate and the Black Tower. He does have a map showing the route to take (the pass) through the Black Mountains to the Black Gate. Felonius will give it to Tom at this time.
The party will be taking the path of Ul Gorondür from Kinvale through 67-S, R and Q. Roads north from Kinvale are not paved, but they are not just dirt tracks either - just as in other parts of Ehlovar. These are wide avenues through the lands and forests of Kinvale and they are patrolled, although there are no way stations along the way (they are not roads after all).
The path of Ul Gorondür is an easy one week trek by horse. There will be no encounters. Most of the countryside like most in Ehlovar has no underbrush, no weeds, no choking plants or vines. It’s just very clean. And any travelers met are of good repute and character. Ehlovar is an Elven nation.
This all changes once the party arrives at 67-Q. The southern portion of the contested map squares contains a wall of stone and choking vegetataion with towers evenly spaced from west to east and east to west (for the entire length of the contested section.
The vegetation growth was magically influenced and automatically regrow and reform when damaged. Although outside of this wall is still claimed by Ehlovar, only armed patrols of soldiers go out beyond the wall. The Black Wall to the north of these maps squares is now very easily visible and it’s is stunning. Obviously gargantuan and very old.
The party will have no hassle leaving the path and exiting through one of the tall gates. Ehlovar does not prohibit the comings and goings of it’s citizens and their companions. And there are two citizens in this group.
P.S. Why did Cyrill ask Tom to come for the reason he mentioned when he has Fenrid with him? There is legal paperwork. Fenrid is/was unwilling to vouchsafe for the party because it would officially establish his presence in the kingdom. Which is something he currently wishes to avoid his father and family from being made aware of.
Once the party has left the gate they will begin to notice little things. As the move northward the land steadily becomes less and less healthy. Spiders, bugs, insects, musrooms, undergrowth, various things start to taint the landscape. Until finally they are at the border.
At this point, the party can see the very obvious wall and should realize that climbing it, flying over it, etc, etc is just not possible. The west end of that wall ends in a great tower jutting out from a very high and very steep sided mountain. In fact, the party is faced with steep impassible mountains directly to their north. The party will have to journey to 66-Q before they find the beginnings of the pass through the mountains.
This journey should take three days, but it’s only when they get close to the wall/border that they should start to be concerned. Any border excursions can immediately be seen and an Ehlovar patrol will be dispatched if that should happen.
The mouth of the pass.
This is where Tom really starts to earn his pay.
A word on the Jarhwahld: I am turning the clans into Viking (Nordic) types. It seems to fit better with the terrain. Hence all clan names will change and chiefs will have more Scandinavian sounding names. Kalkor remains the same. Although, now he is a fierce (and fearsome) Nordic type warrior. All the barbarians here are thusly equipped with axes, bows, spears and wear furs, leggings, etc.
Clans: Isulf • Helgi • Thidrandi • Anakol • Sigvat • Thorald • Ingjald • Mord • Asgeir • Isulf • Gunnisson • Unnulf. Twelve clans, all descended from their original chiefs with those names. In the case of Gunnison, descended from the son of Gunnis. Kalkor is of Clan Isulf, which is the ruling clan.
Note that the clans are treated as Scottish clans for the purpose of property. That is, the clan chief owns the territory and his clansmen work it. This is divergent from old Scandinavian clans whereby the territory was owned by the individual.
The Black Mountains are the home of Shann, who is a distant cousin of Kalkor Shann’s territory (the Black Mountains) is under clan Isulf (the clann Shann was born into). Shann is a somewhat more of a thinker and less barbaric than Kalkor but that tends to be because the lands his clan lives in are far less forgiving of stupidity than those Kalkor lives in.
Shann descends from Önde who was given the Black Mountains to settle about 1000 years ago. Dönus (pronounced Due-nus) is their capital city (a large village really) that sits in a small valley within the pass that goes through the mountains. Dönus holds about 5000 people and is a fortified village using the natural cliffs of the area and the rock available. A large stream feeds the village from a sharp waterfall that overlooks the village.
Dönus is empty of warriors nearly all the time, except for reserves. These men are either always on patrols, hunting, gathering or fortifying positions elsewhere in the mountains. Shann’s men have a number of hides, towers, caves and tunnels at their disposal for various uses. The rest of the village is home to the old (women are equal in clan society and serve as warriors), reserves and crafters. By crafters I mean those people whom make the items and goods the tribe needs. There is very limited farming and only on small plots inside the village. The clans tend to be a hunter/gatherer society.
Given the remoteness of the mountains, Shann’s ancestors decided that it was an acceptable risk to allow some of their worgs into the wild. Over time large populations of them have grown and it is one of the marks of the clan warriors (as in other places) manhood to capture and tame their own worg mount.
Consequently, it will not be inappropriate for Tom to run into worg packs. Depending, Tom and the party may also run into clan patrols that are either patroling or hunting (either worgs or game).
Other things Tom and the party may run into could be one of these towers, hides or tunnels I indicated earlier. This could be used either as a safety or an encounter.
Some variables: If the party is captured whole they will be brought to Shann, who will bundle them up and have his men take them to Kalkor simply because there are magic users in the group. If only part of the party is captured but the clans do not realize there are more members, the same above will happen. If the clans do realize there are more members they will be hunted until all are collected and then sent to Kalkor. If the party captures clansmen there’s really nothing they offer information wise that the party might be seeking. Shann himself has only provided men to work with the shadowy figures Kalkor has allied with - beyond the ones normally assigned to occupy and defend the Black Tower. The common clan warrior knows nothing about any of this and the party itself has zero idea about any of it (and it’s doubtful it would hold any meaning to them at this time even if they did know).
Damanes. It is possible that Tom may run across a damane. If the opportunity presents itself and it fits, use a damane. Otherwise, these are rarely encountered. Those Shann may have are lesser damanes as Kalkor has demanded and received the best from all of the clans.
Final note. I am expecting some encounters with clansmen and their worgs. I am not expecting Tom to reach the Black Gate. Perhaps next week.
Further I am not expecting any diversions to the watch tower but should that happen the area is thick with barbarians. The drow and thanes will not be encountered just yet. However, the party would have to get through the thick of things just to find out what is going on. There’s absolutely no reason save curiosity (they can’t even see the tower, all they see is that the path forks) as to why they would be here.
However, stranger things have happened.
3.1 Descriptions
3.1.1 See
3.1.2 Hear
3.1.3 Feel (Touch)
Feel (Touch)
3.1.4 Smell
3.1.5 Taste(If Applicable)
Taste (If Applicable)
3.2 Contingency Plans
Contingency Plans. Design scenarios with alternate paths to success, alternate outcomes. Do NOT predestine characters or make assumptions of success, where failure will result in the failure of the scenario. Do not base outcomes on the success or failure of any one character (see above sentence). Make escape/rescue plans that do not appear contrived. Give the characters a way OUT!
4.0 Conditionals
5.0 NPCs/Creatures & Treasures [Stats]
NPCs/Creatures & Treasures [Stats]
6.0 Characters and Interactions
Characters and Interactions
7.0 Notes & Record-keeping
Characters and Interactions

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