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Third session in this time period…

1.0 Brief Notes/Recap
Archire (Tom) journeyed with the party along the path of Ul Gorondür from Kinvale through 67-S, R and Q to the pass of the Black Mountains. Several incidents of worgs trolling the area as well as various figures culminated with the party getting the drop on two worg riders. At the bottom of the hill from which the party attacked is a rather obvious camoflauge cover over what appears to be a hole in the ground. Archire didn’t bother with it but it does lead to a small dugout/shelter area for the local tribesmen.
2.0 Overview
Karthin political situation and geography as it relates to this current scenario:
Near as I can tell from old notes, there is some sort of rebellion in Karthin. The border between Samarita (north of Karthin itself) has been closed. Apparently the party started north of the floating city of Samarita (Fenrid was never involved) journeyed south to the city and then south again to the border, whereupon the finally moved in to Vega, which is just south of the border.
According to my political map Vassilisa, where Archire (Tom) is headed is the southern most point of Karthin (Athenea).
The Circle was involved, an elaborate ruse by rebels against the Samaritan church and the Lorn church. There was a comment that a coup was going to take place in one file so I am assuming this is leading up to that with Ean Demmersling eventually conquering all and becoming the new High Lord - which I also believe is another case of a caretaker kind of thing.
Hmmm…looks like the coup happened and that IIRC their are armys from all the family houses sitting around Karthin (the city) but no overt action has been taken yet.
Well…found family note file. Nevermind it was there all along! Seems the coup had already happened when the old party intially started. So, events as mentioned above have been a direct result of this and all the house politicking.
According to the file, the families have war bands around Vassilisa, NOT Karthin! So, when the party actually arrives here they will be facing the fallout. I started Archire in November and this is actually the time frame of the last party so it all works out. Karthin will be in the midst of chaos when Archire arrives.
There is actual fighting inside Vassilisa for control, but this consists not of soldiers and fighting men but of servants, courtiers, lords and ladies as well as retainers and common folk. By law and family tradition no family/house army is allowed within a 10 mile radius of Vassilisa. That would include single or groups of soldiers. So, the fighting is being done with sharp and blunt objects being handled by untrained (or relatively untrained) people.
Note as well, that the document states that Conal Ward served Locke Corithsin. His sons served Larn and Cain Corithsin and supervised the building of the Wall of Larn (note, no longer the wall of Dayorr Corithsin).
I detail the above because sooner or later Archire will walk into this situation and I need to have the events sorted out.
Previous notes:
A word on the Jarhwahld: I am turning the clans into Viking (Nordic) types. It seems to fit better with the terrain. Hence all clan names will change and chiefs will have more Scandinavian sounding names. Kalkor remains the same. Although, now he is a fierce (and fearsome) Nordic type warrior. All the barbarians here are thusly equipped with axes, bows, spears and wear furs, leggings, etc.
Clans: Isulf • Helgi • Thidrandi • Anakol • Sigvat • Thorald • Ingjald • Mord • Asgeir • Isulf • Gunnisson • Unnulf. Twelve clans, all descended from their original chiefs with those names. In the case of Gunnison, descended from the son of Gunnis. Kalkor is of Clan Isulf, which is the ruling clan.
Note that the clans are treated as Scottish clans for the purpose of property. That is, the clan chief owns the territory and his clansmen work it. This is divergent from old Scandinavian clans whereby the territory was owned by the individual.
The Black Mountains are the home of Shann, who is a distant cousin of Kalkor Shann’s territory (the Black Mountains) is under clan Isulf (the clann Shann was born into). Shann is a somewhat more of a thinker and less barbaric than Kalkor but that tends to be because the lands his clan lives in are far less forgiving of stupidity than those Kalkor lives in.
Shann descends from Önde who was given the Black Mountains to settle about 1000 years ago. Dönus (pronounced Due-nus) is their capital city (a large village really) that sits in a small valley within the pass that goes through the mountains. Dönus holds about 5000 people and is a fortified village using the natural cliffs of the area and the rock available. A large stream feeds the village from a sharp waterfall that overlooks the village.
Dönus is empty of warriors nearly all the time, except for reserves. These men are either always on patrols, hunting, gathering or fortifying positions elsewhere in the mountains. Shann’s men have a number of hides, towers, caves and tunnels at their disposal for various uses. The rest of the village is home to the old (women are equal in clan society and serve as warriors), reserves and crafters. By crafters I mean those people whom make the items and goods the tribe needs. There is very limited farming and only on small plots inside the village. The clans tend to be a hunter/gatherer society.
Given the remoteness of the mountains, Shann’s ancestors decided that it was an acceptable risk to allow some of their worgs into the wild. Over time large populations of them have grown and it is one of the marks of the clan warriors (as in other places) manhood to capture and tame their own worg mount.
Consequently, it will not be inappropriate for Tom to run into worg packs. Depending, Tom and the party may also run into clan patrols that are either patroling or hunting (either worgs or game).
Other things Tom and the party may run into could be one of these towers, hides or tunnels I indicated earlier. This could be used either as a safety or an encounter.
Some variables: If the party is captured whole they will be brought to Shann, who will bundle them up and have his men take them to Kalkor simply because there are magic users in the group. If only part of the party is captured but the clans do not realize there are more members, the same above will happen. If the clans do realize there are more members they will be hunted until all are collected and then sent to Kalkor. If the party captures clansmen there’s really nothing they offer information wise that the party might be seeking. Shann himself has only provided men to work with the shadowy figures Kalkor has allied with - beyond the ones normally assigned to occupy and defend the Black Tower. The common clan warrior knows nothing about any of this and the party itself has zero idea about any of it (and it’s doubtful it would hold any meaning to them at this time even if they did know).
Damanes. It is possible that Tom may run across a damane. If the opportunity presents itself and it fits, use a damane. Otherwise, these are rarely encountered. Those Shann may have are lesser damanes as Kalkor has demanded and received the best from all of the clans.
Final note. I am expecting some encounters with clansmen and their worgs. I am not expecting Tom to reach the Black Gate. Perhaps next week.
Further I am not expecting any diversions to the watch tower but should that happen the area is thick with barbarians. The drow and thanes will not be encountered just yet. However, the party would have to get through the thick of things just to find out what is going on. There’s absolutely no reason save curiosity (they can’t even see the tower, all they see is that the path forks) as to why they would be here.
However, stranger things have happened.
3.0 Scenario
Fortunately, Archire has survived this battle. However, some things. I do believe Tom wants his character to be bow-dependent. So if we are going to have close up melee combat just apply the negatives for range on the bow. Archire should have enough bonus to compensate for that. Be sure to check if OB from the bow can be used for DB. Also, don’t forget that once the character is full on parrying he gets a +20 bonus to DB.
The two “men” that the party killed are actually half-orcs. Previous notes state that to ride the worgs you have to be half-orc. So, I have to put that back in.
The riders were not alone. They were scouts. They are due to report in. They have some sort of device for that (to come) which may be useful to Archire. Note, that also since the Drow are partnered with the clansmen these scouts are also going to have the following Drow items which have been given them: 3 Faerie stones (six total). This is going to replicate the innate Drow ability of Faerie Fire.
• Object creatures are visible with pale blue light from 80yds away in darkness and 40yds in light
• +10 to hit in darkness/+5 to hit in lightness
• Make a normal attack. If the player hits and does damage, good, but not the point. Even if zero hits are made, if the character hits the spell takes effect.
• Duration is 4 rounds
Archire will instantly know what these are. They are dark, have a slight but odd glow to them and in his opinion emanate evil. The fact that two half-orcs have six Drow Faerie stones might cause some thinking. I am doing this on purpose as I wish this area to be returned to.
The other Drow comm item will be a paired ring. It’s angular (eight sides), made of iron and heavy. Both half-orcs have one and if Archire can attune to it then he will discover it’s properties. Basically the ring allows thoughts to be conveyed to another holder of the same type of ring within a 3 mile radius.
Since both half-orcs had one they could “talk” to each other. This may be useful to Archire, but he doesn’t know that it’s not just these two rings. The commander of the main patrol body also has one and so he can “talk” to his scouts. Archire may guess on this.
Since the rings convey thoughts and not actual speech it’s possible for the party to understand the commander and vice versa should they experiment with this. That might present problems as the main body is not far from the scouts and is heading towards them. The party will hear them coming.
The party can move on or investigate the ‘hole’ if they wish. Note that the patrol has damanes (2) so Archire might see that (possibly be offended).
Assumptions: I am assuming that Archire and the party will continue to move towards the Black Gate. To that end they will continue to climb, twist and turn. The weather will get harsher and they will encounter more patrols. These patrols will get thicker to the point that the party cannot NOT enouncounter them. Depending on how that goes will determine the next course.
If they party can fight off all comers then it will just be a matter of combat and movement and the night will end when the Black Gate is reached. Dönus will probably be seen from a distance. But if the party is captured or semi-captured then we’ll deal with that.
A capture will mean Shann bundles up the party (after questioning them and removing the Book from their possession) and ships them off to Kalkor. That will mean the party is at least aware of Dönus’s existence. There will be various escape attempts I presume and if not successful the party will have an accelerated journey to Nimbus and an interrogation by Kalkor.
Shann will spend a lot of time trying to gather the rest of the party members if he only manages to capture a few. Those few uncaptured I presume will attempt to rescue those that are captured. If rescue works then the night will end at the Black Gate.
Otherwise if the party ends up at Nimbus I will leave things hanging with the party being rescued from lockup by members of the HomeGarde (after being interrogated, but not tortured by Kalkor).
The party might presume that rescue is cool, but with the current state of affairs in Karthin the HomeGuarde is currently supporting the MacCormick family and anything that can prove useful to the church of Lorn by MacCormick’s in the HG will be confiscated if possible.
Any audience with Kalkor will reveal a Drow, a Thane and a Lorn cleric (possible Lucian or Caitly, I will let that play out) as advisors to Kalkor.
We’ll see how all that plays out.
3.1 Descriptions
3.1.1 See
3.1.2 Hear
3.1.3 Feel (Touch)
Feel (Touch)
3.1.4 Smell
3.1.5 Taste(If Applicable)
Taste (If Applicable)
3.2 Contingency Plans
Contingency Plans. Design scenarios with alternate paths to success, alternate outcomes. Do NOT predestine characters or make assumptions of success, where failure will result in the failure of the scenario. Do not base outcomes on the success or failure of any one character (see above sentence). Make escape/rescue plans that do not appear contrived. Give the characters a way OUT!
4.0 Conditionals
5.0 NPCs/Creatures & Treasures [Stats]
NPCs/Creatures & Treasures [Stats]
6.0 Characters and Interactions
Characters and Interactions
7.0 Notes & Record-keeping
Characters and Interactions

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