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Notes to Tom G.

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Notes to Tom G.

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 20 Aug 2017, 11:30

These were included in the series of sessions labeled 3325AC_1 to 3325AC_4.

It was a note written to Tom to bring him up to speed on Kell.

Hi Tom!

Just some minor info for your character here.

The year is 3325. The first number of the year, denotes the Age. So, Third age, 325. The third age began when the Cammorian Dominion was broken and the current borders of the current countries were established. The first age was when man/demihuman climbed back out of the ravages of the GodWar (a war fought between the gods which destroyed a lot of stuff everywhere (not just on Kell)). The first age ended with the death of Garrick Gruffudd (GRIFF-IDH) who united pretty much the entire Kehnon peninsula under one banner. He had twenty lieutenants under him (not their rank or title, just how I am referring to them) all of them Dyn Gaér (Great Men). I will have a list for you in the Dropbox folder of them as these are the Great Men that all High Men are descended from. You can choose from the bottom ten of which one you want to be descended from. That will be your House. I reserve the first ten to be the greater of the twenty, but just know that all of them have great honor and reknown.

When Gruffudd died he had no direct heir and his lieutenants were not enough to keep things together. So it broke apart into roughly the same countries you see today. The areas marked on the maps were where the dominant races had settled and those races came to the fore after Gruffudd died. That gave rise to the Cammorian Dominion which was an evil empire that dominated the entire second age. Lots and lots of evil things happened during that age.

Time. Just like us, time is 24 hours a day. However, my months are divided into 30 days each for a total of twelve months, three months per season. This equates to each week being 5 days. At the end of the year there is a five day season called Yule. In total 365 days a year. There are no leap years. I will keep track of time over the course of the game and will let you know the time and date if you ask. No need to try and keep track of that as I have renamed the months. If you're interested I can give you that info, but otherwise it's really irrelevant to the gaming session unless your character happens to be a scholar or something. It's one of those routine PC knowledge things and your character would just know it inherently.

Distance. On my map, each square represents a full week travel of an average man (common man) at a walk. Travel by horse will reduce time of course but generally it takes a week to move between map squares.

Narfolk is the town your character hails from. That's in north east Ehlovar, if you look at the top and right hand sides of my map you will see letters and numbers. The square where Norfolk is located is 62-S. Just cross reference from the top and right.

Narfolk is a small village among the hills. Ilthuryn Damyar is the name of the Elven lord of Norfolk. Ilthuryn is of the House of Kindroth, which is a small clan but one with high prestige. He is ruler of Narfolk Vale (the area immediately to the southwest of Vyroth) as well as the entire 61 to 62-S squares.

His neighbors are: Elion Urigolor (to the north), Ivran Farric (to the south) and Ilimitar Umetumal who is ruler of Vyroth.
Ilthuryn’s guarde (which your parents are captains in) often work with his neighbors to protect the local forests and roads. You knows the area very well because you were raised there.

We will begin in Fairinahr. Your character took employ with a man named Cyrill Argus. Cyrill is a Thanetian merchant who trades with Ehlovar (trade routes were established between Ehlovar and Thanetia in 3319). You have been through a few caravan journeys between Fairinahr and Kell (in Thanetia) before the start of play. We'll get more into detail on that when we get going. You are not, however, the only ranger Cyrill has hired. He's wealthy and hires only capable humans/demi-humans to protect his caravans.

Note that when you come in you will find the NPC party somewhat experienced. I've got a few reasons for that, but the main one that means anything to you is that the experienced NPCs will help to keep you alive as Rolemaster is a deadly system if you get bad enough rolls.

That's all I can think of at the moment, but there may be more later.

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