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Garrick Gruffudd and the 20

History files for Kell.

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Garrick Gruffudd and the 20

Post Number:#1  Postby The Keeper » 20 Aug 2017, 11:51

During the sessions labeled 3325AC_1 to 3325AC_4 I revisited some of my history. Shortly after I began to organize Kell (and through the influence of Robert Jordan) I decided to create an Alexander the Great type figure.

I've been meaning to get to that throughout the years but it didn't really happen until July 2016. Accidentally of course, it did fit into the timeline I'd already created so I didn't have much issue there.

And so came the creation of Garrick Gruffudd who unites all of the Kehnon peninsula after the GodWar. A Great Man descended from one of Kellina's greatest men at arms (unamed at this time) he was pragmatic, practical and ferocious.

But as the brief notes will show he died without heir, which incidentally ended the 1st Age. His twenty lieutenants began squabbling amongst themselves for the right to rule and war broke out over the entire peninsula. Some of those lieutenants became influenced by the early beginnings of the clerics of Lorn and this of course led to the eventual rise of the Cammorian Dominion. In the meantime this war violently rearranged borders with the elimination of old countries and the birth of new countries.

It is this war that led to the decimation of Cathae, a duchy in the country of Evón ruled by Eärah, one of Gruffudd's lieutenants. I bring this up because my major NPC, Dhanna Schrawn was the 28th and last Duchess of Cathae. She took authority at 14 with the death of her family, was named Duchess at 18 and fought a ten year losing war during which Evón and Cathae were destroyed. The area is now referred to as Athanar and no one but her and certain history books remembers Cathae at all. Shades of Lan from the Wheel of Time.

Garrick Gruffudd ushered in a very long period of peace, stability, great public works, higher education and learning and a time of great expansion of the arts and humanities. It was a mythical time period of which Cathae was a small part. It is a major reason Dhanna grieves for that time as much as she does.

Here is the file:

Garrick Gruffudd (GRIFF-IDH), the Iron Prince, Ruler of Mannok, Emperor of Kehnon rose at the beginning of the first age to rule an empire of man and demihuman on the Kehnon peninsula.

All countries were unified under him and peace, prosperity and knowledge rose from the ashes of the GodWar by his hand. Gruffudd organized the chaos and counted Samrit and Noe as his allies.

Grufudd did eventually die and with him the unity of the peninsula.

Dyn Gaér (Great Men)
Twenty of these were his chief lieutenants and from them are all High Men on Kell descended.

They are:

1. Galmamern
2. Bórr-Mirr
3. Huonen
4. Targondu
5. Arakui
6. Eärah - High King in Dülmoren, capital of Cathae from whence came the Duchy of Athanon and Dhanna Schrawn, daughter of Morgan Schrawn, Duke of Athanon
7. Hastre
8. Denduirl
9. Sonde
10. Rolma

11. Ulfimuire
12. Tulamnar
13. Nierweno
14. Tardndusn
15. Garorrr
16. Accaracadûn
17. Hatrdr
18. Léorathhtal
19. Ber-Alyël
20. Turnonyar

Note that the first ten in the list are the greatest lieutenants and are reseved for the game master's use only.

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